Service Enhancers

Hydrating Hand Treatment – $15

Treat your dry and tired hands with a brown sugar scrub massage, followed by a rich and hydrating lotion massage. Steamy Hot towels included.

Sea Salt Foot Massage – $15

An exhilarating and refreshing Scrub treatment designed to smooth and soften rough, dry and overworked feet followed by a pedi-balm with shea butter massage for deep hydration. Steamy Hot towels included.

Hand or Foot Massage – $15

Melt your stress away! A perfect add on to any massage service for improved circulation and overall well being. Too many times do our hands and feet build up stress and tension. (add 10 minutes)

Peppermint Scalp Massage  – $15 

Calm the mind and encourage circulation with a deeply relaxing and envigorating scalp massage. (peppermint oil can be substituted by client request) (add 10 minutes)

Cold Stone Face Massage – $15

This treatment is specific to treating migraines. Eases inflammation, decreases muscle spasms and can reduce swelling or fluid build up. (add 10 minutes)

Facial Massage – $15

Soothes overworked muscles of expression of the face. Relaxing facial massage incorporating lymphatic drainage techniques and acupressure points. Treatment specific to TMJ syndrome, migraines, tension headaches and sinus pressure release. (add 10 minutes)

Dry Brushing – $20

Stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation, exfoliates dead skin cells. Includes brush to take home.

Rock Tape – $10

The application of kinesiology tape on your body in specific directions to improve mobility and to help support joints, muscles and tendons. Rock Tape cane be used for preventative maintenance and post injury care.

Abdominal Cupping – $45 (30 Minutes)

Cupping is an excellent therapy for the belly. It stretches the walls of the organs, thus sloughing off stagnant waste and mucus and overall promote the activity of digestion.

People consistently report expelling an excess amount of waste immediately following treatments and an increase of eliminations throughout the day.

Facial Cupping Techniques – $45 (30 Minutes)

Cupping techniques are used to help brighten lusterless skin, reduce redness, tighten sagging areas, drain congested lymph, soften wrinkles and discourage the formation of new wrinkles.

  • Migraines & Headaches
  • Facial Rejuvenation
  • Sinus Problems
  • TMJD
  • Facial Neurological Issues

Herbal Linen Wrap – $60 – (30 Minutes)

A rejuvenating warm linen wrap with pre-treated linens infused with a choice of herbal formulas cover your body from neck to toes. This treatment will relax your muscles and aids in the detoxification of the body.

Micro-Buff Body Polish Massage $50 – (30 Minutes)

Full body salt scrub that lifts away dry skin, refines and softens. Ideal for sensitive skin.

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